A 24 hrs software development competetion. 
Shoutout to all computer nerds and gizmo geeks.
For our very popular fest BVEST's event Hack@BVP, we are asking you to Commit To Your Code. Hack@BVP is a chance for all developers, hobbyists, students, or anyone else to build an innovative application revolving around the theme (which will be declared soon) in a full day fueled by creativity, passion and grit. What the application does is only limited by your creativity! 

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$384 in prizes


Best All Women Team

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How to enter

Registration closed !!


Arnav Gupta

Arnav Gupta
Coding Blocks

Dolly Bhasin

Dolly Bhasin

Judging Criteria

  • Theme
    How much the solution is aligned with mentioned theme.
  • Uniqueness/ Originality
    Whether the idea has been thought already by someone.
  • Feasability
    The functional and technical feasibility of the solution.
  • Cost of Implementation
    How much cost would it need(lower the cost you need better the solution).
  • Effectiveness of Idea
    How much it would effect the world.
  • Implementation completeness
    How much of it you have successfully implemented and demo

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